February 23rd, 2006


Reel Big Fish at the Electric Ballroom

OK so I wasn't really well enough for a gig, but there was no way I was missing this, and decided turbo snakebite on the train on the way there would be a great idea to get us perked up - which it did. Odd to be there as a venue because I've not seen it in that context before, but it seemed to work reasonably well - apart from the long slow queue to get in which meant we missed most of the first support (the same guys who were with them in London last time? Wish I knew their name, I don't seem to have caught it then either. Google says they're called Fandangle), the even slower cloakroom queue and the bar prices.

Second support were Zebrahead (zeeeebrahead, they're american). Who were quite good fun. Quite punky, but with one of the "singers" being more of an MCish type. Ernie might be able to describe them better. I was saving myself for later and trying not to spill my pint, so didn't get as involved as I could. This was not true for RBF though. Mike showed his excellent ability of getting through crowds to the front - perhaps even better than Ernie, but slightly harder to follow because he makes a smaller gap to squeeze through after him.

So how was the music? Pretty damned good. They played lots of favourites (Ban The Tube Top, She Has A Girlfriend Now, Sell Out, Don't Start A Band, loads of others) and obviously finished with their cover of Take On Me. They played them well, and kept up a good banter with it, and the crowd were pretty keen. I kept it up at the front for about 3/4 of the gig, then decided I was too too shattered and ran away to somewhere less squashed to catch my breath, which did give more space for dancing too. The only sad thing of course is that Scott who normally does backing vocals, guitar and a bit of brass is ill and has gone home, and he was quite sadly missed. Couldn't believe they didn't mention him though, it seemed a glaring omission.

That's the third time I've seen them in under a year, when a year previously I'd not even heard of them. I'll still be keen to catch them next time they're around too and really must buy some more. They just infectiously *fun*. On balance the previous gig in Cambridge was definitely better though. I do have an urge to learn the riff from the beginning on Take On Me on my cornet though, and was singing Sell Out in my head all the way home.

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Another gig...

Me and Ern are off to see Ezio at the Soul Tree on Sunday, tickets 11 quid inc booking fee and you can pick them up in Fopp. I post in case of any other fans are listening.

I just spend rather too much in Fopp, but at least it wasn't *all* on me.