February 20th, 2006

globe (grey)


Me an chiark are both a bit better. Neither the computer nor myself are completely back on our feet though. chiark users may wish to be aware of livechiark if they're not already.

Did some work from home this morning before going back to bed, and intended to do more this afternoon but am somewhat headachy. Mike is kindly bringing me more cough sweets this evening which will help, and in return I am feeding him a meal which will be a bit odd due to being entirely english in style (chicken, spuds, onion, garlic, carrots) but in a thai sauce. What can I say, we've entirely run out of other veg. Staff development course tomorrow so I shall be out of the house for the first time since Thursday at least. RBF gig on Wednesday is *not* going to be missed, I don't care if I feel grotty.