February 4th, 2006

goth 1997, goth

Who needs Mastercard?

  • Ticket: 20 quid
  • Booking fee and postage: about a fiver
  • Travel: 15 quid
  • Food and drink: a tenner
  • Tshirt: 18 quid
  • Seeing Bauhaus at Brixton Academy: Absolutely priceless

Brixton's still an ace venue. The Far Side or whatever it's called pub down the road is not bad at all and sells Leffe. And Tom and his mates are good company and saved me from spending the gig on my own. Peter Murphy is a sad old goth and a hell of a showman, and boy can the band play. They can't possibly have played everything, but they played a *lot* of good stuff. Absolute highlight for me was probably the cover of Joy Division's Transmission. But following that with Telegram Sam, Ziggy and last but not least Bela Lugozi's Dead - well, it doesn't get much better than this.