January 27th, 2006



Poking around on seetickets yesterday afternoon I saw that they'd sold out of tickets for the APU kooks gig, so although there was the possibility there'd be a separate allocation and some left on the door I decided I was too tired and wussed out. Instead spending the evening in the Free Press. I'd originally arranged to meet Mike there since it was handy for dinner and a drink before the gig. We were joined by August and Jay, since August had coincidentally been looking for a pub to celebrate being paid in and seemed to think mine was a good suggestion, and Jan and Owen joined us later. And coincidentally Ernie's work mates were there (to welcome yet another new staff member?), so the pub was full of familiar friendly faces.

Today I've had a quiet day, early start (advantage of staying at Mike's), nice driving lesson at lunchtime (hazard perception apparently fabulous). Going to see Underworld with Mike tonight, should be fun if not good. Mmm Kate Beckinsale inna corset and boots.