January 25th, 2006


Great night out

An evening in several parts:

Step one: Networking session. OK a drink and a chat in the USSC about interesting stuff that's going on in various bits of the university with a bunch of friends who work in assorted departments and colleges. Nice pint of Wherry.

Step two: A quick pint. Meet Mike for a drink in The Mill. (Conveniently just across the road). A half of Old Rosie and a G&T went down nicely, and we chatted and had a go at answering quiz questions even though we weren't doing the quiz. Rather liked watching the daft forfeit round: each team in turn over the course of the evening asked to nominate a player, who gets 5 points for downing a shot of butterscotch schnapps and 10 points if they succeed in potting a golf ball in a pint glass, up a bit of sloping floor. Anyone know when Canada Day is?

Step three: Dinner. Introduced Mike to Dojos. Mmm noodles. Mmm vietnamese spring rolls. Mmm green tea. Oof, full.

Step four: Clubbing! Mike and I promised Fiona we'd come to WUS. OK so we promised it over a month ago, at MBM's party, but we finally got round to it. And despite a slow start I had a really good time. They played just enough stuff that I knew that I could cope with dancing a bit. And there were plenty of people to talk to when I wasn't (Fiona, Richard Watts, John Sullivan, Natasha, Simon(?) who I met at the LJ picnic, ernie and of course Mike). More cider was consumed in the form of "Barnstormer" which is cheap and nasty, but hey cheap is good right? A successful introduction I think. Oh and I've promised John I'll make it to the Calling at least once this term.

Step five: Home. Cold cycle ride, comfy bed, toasty blanket, morning all too soon.

Alcohol: 10 units. Oops, I'm a binge drinker.