January 21st, 2006

bridge of sighs


OK so we got home last night to discover the window had been removed, all the stuff on the windowsill and most of the stuff on the draining board moved out of the way, and Richard's laptop, my digital camera and my mp3 player gone, plus drawers rifled through. We called the police, and ate pizza in a slightly cold living room while we waited for them to arrive and take all the details. The a chap came to board up the window, and discovered they'd done so little damage to the unit and fittings in removing it that he could just put it back in again, which he did, for the same price the boarding up would have been. Then we went to bed, careful not to disturb too much.

Today we rang the police, gave them a couple of serial numbers for the missing things, and collected our crime number, which meant I could ring the insurers. Window replacement comes under buildings, so has a separate 50 quid excess, they're going to send us a cheque for the difference. The rest is covered by contents with the same excess again. They're going to get a couple of companies to ring us and arrange replacements on Monday. Then we had a nice woman from the Scientific section come and have a look and dust for fingerprints. Of which she got several which may hopefully be useful. She also got a shoe print from the garden chair they stood on to climb through the window. A brand of trainer which apparently is quite popular amongst thieves. And a new one at that. Very CSI.

So basically it's a case of going back to normal as much as possible until we get new things. We'll be a bit upset and 100 quid out of pocket. And rjk's lost some photographs from this last week: earlier ones were backed up. It's not the end of the world.

In other news I got lots of nice things in todays post (wool in 4 different textures and shades of purple, and my 6 CDs from Amazon). And I've just been out for a nice long walk with Mike, under the A14 and right around the fishing lake out the back of the Holiday Inn. A lovely day for it and I'm glad he dragged me out of the house. Just had lunch and probably going to read/nap for a bit now. With a quiet night in planned. If anyone wants to pop in and say hi let me know.

Oh, and thanks all for your nice thoughts. rjk is much more shaken than me, and I wish I could work out why.