January 15th, 2006


Saturday night's alright

So after a late night of dancing on Friday night I was planning to take it easy on Saturday. Oops.

We met in the Globe for drinks, and I recognised a fair few faces, though the only name I could remember was Tracy's. Then over the road to the Saffron for food. They had an enormous party of 37 people in, which meant they rather struggled to accommodate our 15, which was a bit of a shame given we'd book, and is a bit disappointing given how good they usually are in there. George asked me what I was doing with this lot though, and where was "your other half". To which of course the only answer was "He dumped me in August" :-). He asked after ernie and Ned and Jamie though, and I promised I'd tell them to go visit. The food was good as ever, and the company pleasant.

Back over to the pub we were quietly chatting away when a row erupted between the birthday boy Ian and one of his colleagues, which was really quite impressive. It's not often you see someone that genuinely angry about something said in the pub. It was sad to see him leave on that note. But the rest of us kind of quietly glossed over the awkward atmosphere as Ian left. And for some reason someone decided it was a good idea to head to the Kambar and spend the rest of the night dancing. In the end it was me, Mike, Amin (sp?), Tracy, Pete and Andy, and they're all a nice bunch. Pete and Tracy left fairly early, and Amin sloped off around 1:30 or so, but Mike and I stuck it out til they threw us out at 3. We'd have said goodnight to Andy but he was busy snogging :-)

Today I hurt. My arms and shoulders are killing me and me knees are nearly as bad. Still, it's all exercise so I shall assume it was good for me, and I certainly had fun. A long lie-in and lunch have helped, but I suspect the rest of today will be spent rather sleepily. And I *finally* mananged to get a pair of NME tour tickets off ebay. Hurray! (And *ouch* at the price, but hey, we don't need to add train fare at least).