January 9th, 2006



So what did I actually do with my long weekend besides read? Friday night I made fish pie for Mike and rjk and we watched The Avengers on DVD and it really is a bit pants innit, and we opened my bottle of nice port and decanted it into my nice decanter which I like even if it does look a bit like a conical flask and had a glass each with the last of my christmas chocs from Paul and it was nice.

Saturday we stayed in bed all morning, and had a big grill-up for lunch, then Mike pottered off to do useful things and um, I did nothing at all. All day.

Sunday I got up in time to cook lunch for Mike, ernie and Pete Clay, who came round to listen to random music. We were later joined by Jan and Owen and a lot of strawberries and cream. After Eights seem to be trying to pick a flavour for every possible colour of wrapper. The yellow ones are "lemon sorbet" and nice. The creamy-beige ones are "irish cream" and minging. People wandered off about 7ish with handfuls of borrowed CDs and I spent the rest of the evening with the knitting, talking to family, and with more music. Mike kindly untangled my wool for me and then was taught to knit. I've not tried to teach anyone before. He would have to be left-handed. We did manage to confirm between us that if you do a mirror-image knit as a left-hander it's the equivalent of perling, since he switched to trying it right-handed partway through. Was not a huge success in terms of knitted produce, but was mildly entertaining.

Monday (today) I got into work more or less on time, having fitted in breakfast, a bit of geeking, and fixing a flat tyre. Go me. Nice impressive bit of shiny spiky glass. That's my last spare tube so I should actually patch the two that have been replaced recently. Stayed off irc and LJ and personal-mail til lunchtime, which was an interesting experiment. I may as well keep it up. That and the logging make for being moderately productive. Lack of sleep (dunno why, Mike said he slept well but I didn't) kind of took the edge of it a little. Found yet another gig I'm interested in (The Crimea are playing the Soul Tree on 1st Feb) and discovered Nine Black Alps clashes with the RBF gig we were probably going to go for. Putting everything in the same diary helps.

Tomorrow night (provided ernie finds the tickets) we're going to see OK Go in Soho, which should be fun. And Friday night I have an offer of crash space for BMovie so Mike and I will be there. Time to renew network railcard I see. The rest of the week I shall probably spend asleep as much as possible.