January 8th, 2006


Weird books

Alan Garner's Moon of Gomrath: sequel to The weirdstone of Brisingamen which I read over Christmas I borrowed this and brought it back to Cambridge with me. Children's fantasy novels at their best these, drawing strongly from British myth but keeping a modern touch. A touch which doesn't seem all that dated even though they're now over 20 years old. This one suffered a little from me being so tired I had to put it down through not being able to keep my eyes open partway through, and I lost the thread of the plot a little when I picked it up again. Still, good stuff.

Much creepier is Charles Burns' Black Hole which I just borrowed from Richard. A very dark little tale it's dated back in the early 70s in small-town America, and centred around the kids from one high school. Nice kids some of them. And some not so nice. And a rather nasty bug that's apparently sexually transmitted, which does more than make you a bit uncomfortable for a week. Imagine if each time you have your period your entire skin moults. Or what it would be like to have a tail like a lizard's that grows back each time it breaks off. And these are the lucky ones, the ones who seem almost normal. It's done strange things to my mood really, but it's very very good.