January 5th, 2006


A short week

I booked Friday off to take delivery of new telly. Having been offered a free one instead the delivery is cancelled, but I figured I'd keep the day off anyway. In the end I'm utterly shattered and have a flat tyre, so the prospect of staying in bed tomorrow morning is definitely very welcome. I'm planning a quiet weekend this week, and then hopefully I'll be up for BMovie next Friday. Though I've a gig mid-week too which I mustn't forget. (In other gig ticket news my Sultans of Ping ticket arrived. Yay. Even if I will probably have to go on my own).

The bike's been a bloody nuisance this week: no lock due to having lost the keys makes it much less useful as a mode of transport. I spent ages in search of a nut to stop the back brakes trying to fall off and ended up fixing it in the rain on Monday. Monday evening I nearly fall off when stationary (faffing with my bag with no hands on the handlebars at the lights, and it shifts and is hard to get under control again due to steep angle on the road there) and gouge a hole in one leg on the lock bracket. And I got up this morning to find that by the time I got halfway to work the front tyre was flat as a pancake. I walked half the way home, and then decided my legs ached just too much (1.6 miles or so, half an hour at 3.3 miles an hour) and rode it anyway, thereby probably causing as much potential damage as if I'd rode all the way. Oh well.

In better news Caroline's been great over the 6 month contract renewal and monthly reports. She thinks it's a bit mad, but we've decided it'll be useful if I keep a log each day of what I've been doing, and it seems like this will help motivate me as well as helping her write said reports. Actual work has frustratingly alternated between actually getting places and looking like I'm getting somewhere only for it to be a dead end. Still, a good start to the year I think. And last night Mike cooked me chilli for dinner and I took him out to the cinema to see the Narnia film. Which I enjoyed despite bits of it being cringeworthy. Could they not find a more convincing voice actor for Maugrim (head wolf) - he sounds like a bad parody.

So yeah, that's stuff.