December 30th, 2005


Quick roundup

Excellent Christmas with the family. Lots of great food (Beef stew, nachos and fajitas, traditional roast, also traditional buffet, turkey curry, turkey soup (x2), excellent mushroom risotto), some lovely presents given and received (for me: coffee cups, a singing bagpuss hot water bottle cover, lots of nice bath gubbins and 100 quid of Toni and Guy vouchers), great company in large and varied number (mum, dad, 2 sisters and their boyfriends, gran and grandad, 3 uncles, 1 aunt, 3 cousins). No-one fell out, only one glass got broken, 3 books got read late into the night and lots of silly games were played.

Home to a lovely second Christmas dinner at Mike's: roast spicy chicken, roast veg, roast zombie spuds and chocolate pud. We booked a taxi to get me and luggage back to mine, but were diverted to the pub for the quiz. Nice to see Ian before it started, then Ernie, Mike, Owen and I put in a sterling performance getting 53 points and coming 4th overall (anoraks on 56, two teams on 55). There turn out to be an awful lot of letters in the Cambodian alphabet. Then Ernie had another bright idea and we dumped the bags at GR and went clubbing. Club Goo is fun. And it made for a good end to an excellent evening, if rather mad.

Somewhere in all this I've lost my keys, which is a bit of a nuisance. Hopefully they'll turn up, but in the meantime I'm relying on spares. Thankfully Richard was home to let us in though, and yesterday ended up being a nice quiet day. Having finally got home I could open the lovely presents from my friends (CDs, DVDs, more glittery goo, a lovely photo for the wall, chocs, and a pair of pink lightup "funky hedghog" poi - thank you all very very much). Moved the bookcase in my room, had a nap, made dinner and watched some Red Dwarf on video and Robots on pay per view telly: first time I've done that! A later night than intended mind.

Got up this afternoon and Mike headed off to Bath for an evening with friends. I'm having another quiet day with hopefully some photography with Richard once I've had a bath and dried my hair. I had cake for breakfast because there was no bread. Decadent.

nekkid, nekkid 2003

Nakedness, and the dangers of procrastination

Nearly 3 years ago Jan and I did a photoshoot together, in varying degrees of nakedness. I had fun and was really pleased with some of the photos. One of them is the icon on this post. Some of you will have seen some or all of the others.

Now in the intervening time I've done one thing extremely well: put on weight. I was at my thinnest for those pics, and really really pleased with how I looked. And now I'm up for getting some pics taken for a naked calendar of me and a circle of my friends. I'm the fattest I've ever been, and really not too chuffed at all with what I look like, for what I think are pretty obvious reasons. And I'm not talking the difference between Kate Moss and Kate Winslet here. (Yes, I'm still pretty, but I'm *fat* and pretty and it's nowhere near as lovely, and in some ways it's just plain unpleasant). I don't care if it's a social construct that people in the west find fat unattractive or not because *I* find it unattractive on me. Any photos of me at all make me wince a bit at the moment, and that's with clothes on.

So yeah, I have pretty cold feet about it. I'm still going to do it. But I've just spend too much of the afternoon faffing so it won't be today. Just want to get it over now, and I've procrastinated myself out of that for today just when I was beginning to psyche myself up.

Edit: well it's done. Some of them are nice, if fat. I don't feel too bad about it.