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A slight case of overblogging
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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

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I had a nice lie in, a lovely long bath, dyed my hair, fixed a pair of trousers and my handbag, and packed and now I'm all ready to go to whitby tomorrow. So I shall go to the pub this evening and do the quiz. Yay for lovely days off.


Text me your snailmail address if you want a postcard! Link in userinfo works, or lj-friends can find phone number in memories.


A pleasant evening at the quiz. But when I came to leave my bike was gone from where I'd chained it to the sheffield stands outside the next-door shop. Still Mike lent me his phone to call the police, so it's reported and they'll call me back tomorrow, and I can even give them the frame number, since I still have all the paperwork from when it was bought.

And in a small silver lining I'd not have seen a shooting star if I hadn't been walking home.

Still, bit of an arse really. Just as well I have a spare. Though I now feel like I really ought to pay Richard back for having bought me my new bike when the spare was stolen in the first place.

Current Mood: gah!

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