September 28th, 2005

dark side of the moon

A list of favourite albums

From a conversation on irc, saved for posterity. This is just the ones that sprang to mind immediately and from a quick page through my CD list. It probably changes all the time.

  • This is Hardcore (Pulp),
  • Born to Run (Springsteen),
  • Late for the sky (Jackson Browne),
  • probably How to make friends... (Terrorvision),
  • Grace (Buckley),
  • Hot Fuss (killers),
  • Blur (Blur) (heresy I know :-),
  • Red (Eliza Carthy),
  • maybe Cold Water Songs (Broken F B),
  • Change Everything (Del Amitri),
  • Stories... (PJ Harvey),
  • Nevermind (Nirvana),
  • Southern Accents (Tom Petty),
  • Gutters and Pews (Preacher Boy),
  • Pablo Honey (ha ha pred) (Radiohead),
  • BTW (RHCP),
  • Suede (Suede).
  • U2 (um, hard one to pick, very very hard. Probably The Unforgettable Fire),
  • Rumor and Sigh (Richard Thompson).