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A slight case of overblogging
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Saturday, September 24th, 2005

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Late again

A big hi to Jaap, Thisj, Bow and Frank, for being lovely company. Though I can't blame them for gradually being lured backstage away from the terrifying reality of Boogie Nights at the Junction on a Friday night. I'm glad I've seen it once, but I won't be in a hurry to do it again. The bands at the Portland were mostly pretty good though, and all in all a fairly good night out. We didn't get our gig in the park: too short notice to find a guitar or two it seems.


It's Saturday afternoon and I've finally got a breather. I've seen 12 bands so far this week, and plan to see at least one more on Sunday.

The first three were on Monday, which I've already mentioned in detail. I mentioned the next 5 in passing, but I should write them up properly. As part of a transeuropean music conference which has been going on in Cambridge this week called Escalator the Junction Fiver on Thursday was deliberately showcasing European bands

JunctionCollapse )

Jan and I were squeeing fangirls and spotted Jaap heading for the bar in one of the gaps, and got his signature, his phone number and gave him some hints for club nights to try out. Later I went and talked to the rest of the band too and we invited them to come to the park on Friday lunchtime and promised to try and find guitars so they could have an impromptu gig.

Friday lunchtimeCollapse )

They joined Mike, Florian and I again later in the evening in the Portland, for another part of the Escalator conference: part one of a showcase of british bands, although they missed the first two.

Portland ArmsCollapse )

Today is a quiet day of recovering, though I'll be heading over to Simes and E-J's anniversary party in a while, and then maybe heading out to Alternation to meet the boys again for some music hopefully more to their taste. Sadly nearly everyone else is away tonight, as they'd all have loved to come along too.

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note to self london to visit kitty weekend of 12 nov

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