September 15th, 2005



I've just been headhunted to appear on Steve Lamacq's show next week, Tuesday apparently. They have a feature called "good day/bad day" where you pick the record you'd want to listen to on each type of day, then they play one of them, depending on what sort of day you've had. I wonder what Tuesday will be like.

Had a pleasant time at the quiz last night anyway. Our democratic approach to the cash pot question (how many accidents were there in 2000 (iirc) as a result of injuries related to flowerpots) meant we averaged 3 guesses and came out only a couple of hundred from the reality, somewhere around the 3500 mark. Shame we didn't know how old a horse is when it stops being a filly and starts being a mare. Our showing in the quiz itself was less good, respectably somewhere around the middle though. And the anoraks came 6th. 6th. Bloody hell.

And I finished Pride and Prejudice (the book) when I got home and hence went to sleep far too late but with a big smile on my face. Which was good, cos I'd had some bad times during the day. All in all things are OK I guess.