September 8th, 2005


Night skies

I just spent 10 minutes lying on the driveway just looking at the stars. For some reason it just seemed the right thing to do. Full of a sense of calm. It's beautiful up there.

A long evening talking. And I laughed when he said it had been nice, because nice things aren't usually as painful as some of it had been, but yes, it was a nice evening.

And for once I have the perfect icon.

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frog on hog

Phone saga continued

Thursday 8th September. rjk takes the morning working from home. NTL due 8am-12pm. 12:26, just as I'm about to ring NTL and enquire chap appears. He's apparently spent half an hour poking in the box down the road. After a while he decides the wiring in the house is buggered and it needs rewiring. He arranges for another chap to come in the afternoon. 15:40 second engineer arrives, spends a while deciding if wiring really is broken. Decision is taken to move socket from kitchen to front of living room, since this saves moving three full bookcases to get at the old wiring. All works. Bloody hell.

So since it's now next to a power point the DECT phone has come downstairs, the normal phone is in rjk's room with the other socket, and the handset which was in the living room is now in the computer room. All change.

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