September 4th, 2005

cake3, cake: snow viking, snow-viking

Quiet Sunday

Today I spent mostly asleep. Or at least lying not very awake and coughing occasionally. Damned cold. I did finish The Day of the Triffids off though, having finished The Kraken Wakes yesterday. You don't read a book in ages them 3 come along at once.

This evening Owen (Dunn, not Massey) cooked me an excellent meal of pan-fried vension with an orange and blueberry sauce, followed by a spiced chocolate pudding. Yum. We sat and talked and gossipped and I did't mope at him too much. Home for a bit more gossiping on irc with Acronym and Mike. And so to bed.

And if I'm as bad tomorrow morning as I was today I'm taking the day off.