August 31st, 2005


I'm amazed

I just had a conversation with my mum about splitting up with Mike and basically we didn't disagree on anything at all for the most part. With me and relationships this is usual. Salient points being that he's very nice and that makes it more sad to lose him but probably makes the whole splitting up less horrible than it would be if he were nasty. That being properly single for a bit is a great idea. That turning a part time relationship into a full time one was always going to be a bit difficult so it's not too surprising if we ended up wanting different things. And that being friends is cool. I think you're still in her good books.

I was amused that she also said "I'd say there were plenty more fish in the sea but I'm beginning to realise the nice ones really are all gay". Presumably not including my dad ;-) But as I say I'm not fishing right now.