August 23rd, 2005



Hard enough saying it once, so I'll just quote what I said on #tropic

10:02 <LNR> lets just say if me and mike are great friends we're not sure quite how much more than that.

All a bit "wait and see". Don't really want to talk about it.

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bridge of sighs

Quiet day

Got through work OK. Even fairly productive in places. Found one bug of my making and one old one not my fault which just hadn't been being triggered due to the data only just now having someone with no name in. Data itself is nasty nasty nasty full of bugs and typos and discrepancies, but hopefully we'll hammer a set of expected postgrads out of it soon.

Had a remarkably focused trip into town at lunchtime to buy lunch and hair dye and to do an errand in Fopp. Amazingly got out again unscathed despite the long list of things I'd quite like to buy at the moment. And even resisted the tins of G&T in Sainsbury too. Admire my 1337 willpower skills.

Going to pop round GR tomorrow to pick up my washing and talk more. We kind of only got round to taking the lid off the can of worms last night and we're not sure quite how wriggly it is. Still going to Reading, though planning on taking both tents rather than sharing. Will be odd but hopefully still good. And I know there are other people there I know as well as Mike's (mostly lovely) friends. And everyone's being quietly and unobtrusively lovely, which is just what I need. Hopefully you're being nice to Mike too.