August 21st, 2005

crochet hat


Funnily enough they got back just after I posted that. Tonight I am posting sober. We had a quiet last bit of evening and then another decent lie-in - only getting up at 11 to be sure I'd be able to sleep tonight. The day was spent in shopping with Jamie and Mike in Waitrose, then cooking an enormous Sunday dinner for them and Ned and Beth which was readyish around 4 - ish I say because most of the components failed to be ready at the same time, with the roast veg actually being left to finish off in the oven while we were eating pudding, and put cold in the fridge uneaten.

Melon, parma ham, garlic bread
Roast beef with yorkshire puds, roast spuds, cheesy leeks, and mashed parsnip and carrot
Apple crumble with vanilla custard

After all this we were enormously full, but managed to fit in a game of croquet in the garden (I didn't even know the house had a croquet set) before waving Jamie and Mel off to drive back to Dorset about 7. As I speak I'm back home, having left Mike dozing under a blanket. And to be honest sleep is sounding very attractive. V V tired. Perhaps two nights in a row of heavy drinking were unwise, but it's been a pleasant weekend. Even if I finish it feeling slightly lonely. It'll pass.

Oh yeah, Friday night I actually dreamed about trying to buy a crochet hook, how sad is that? I managed (in real life) to lose the one I was using in the pub - dropped it getting it out of my back and it just disappeared. Damned nuisance, and obviously my subconscious remembered I needed a replacement. It was a pleasantly weird rambly dream though - with nice complete strangers, odd shops, ridiculously over-the-top packaging for two crochet hooks, a town which was familiar but somewhere it was a long time since I'd lived, snow and dead sheep and churches and climbing on tables. For a while it was definitely Dan I was wandering around with, but I think it varied. And I got lost for a bit on my own.

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