August 6th, 2005


Friday night's alright

Both Beth and Mike and failed to tell me it was Beth's birthday. And also the birthday of Beth's friend Ruth who joined us for the evening. With Ned then 5 of us had a lovely dinner at Dojo, then were joined slowly by Arthur and Pav, Jenny, Rachel F and Florian while we drank assorted silly things in the Mill. And when I say silly I mean it. Snakebite and black is a fond memory and really it should stay that way but it seemed like a much better idea at the time than Ned's Guinness and Pernod and black.

At closing time we headed to the Kambar and danced our socks off. Assorted people tried at various points to pull pretty much all of us it seemed, though Rachel was particularly popular. Arthur seemed a little disturbed by the jovial bald chap anyway. Once again the music was good, and once on the dance floor I didn't leave, which meant not much chatting. Home when they chucked us out and hence to bed.

Today I struggled back out of bed in time to have a shower and get home to meet Rachel CF who was kindly delivering me a new bed borrowed from Owen M. Rjk kindly helped me dismantle and move the futon downstairs, then move the bed upstairs and put it together. And we took the opportunity to move some of the other furniture around while we were there. I'd still kind of like another 6 inches each direction on the room, but it'll do. V nice.

And this evening if I'm still awake a few people are coming round to sample the delights of our newly rearranged living room, and the contents of the booze cupboard. And I still have tomorrow to recover. Going out Friday night is definitely a good plan.

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