June 30th, 2005


Glastonbury 2005, part 3

Well, not much left to go:

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And with a tube across to Kings Cross and a semi-fast from there to Cambridge we were soon home. Snogged farewell in the station carpark before Mike and his bike headed one way and I headed another to get home and unpack a little and get clean and sleep. A quiet end to a loud and wonderful weekend. Can't wait for the next time, and even now several days later I wish it hadn't had to end. Taken my camera in to be developed today, so hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics to go with all this text.



I feel kind of blank now I've written all that up.

Quiet night in tonight anyway, nice food bought on the way home, and some rearranging of my room, and this writing. A pleasant way to pass the time. 6Music on while I type too, which makes a nice change. Knitting now I think. I keep meaning to catch up with cam.misc and uk.misc but they're just too large and daunting to be bothered right now.