June 11th, 2005



a) Lizzie: I have your brownie box
b) small Harry Potter fleece and blue denim jacket with stylised pink cat on the back: if you've lost them get in touch, I'm looking after them.

Other than these small issues, which of course are not all that surprising in a picnic with no organiser I think it went well. There was food, wine, blankets, small children, a shopping trolley, a BBQ on an upturned bin, stickers with name tags on and lots and lots of people. And a number of us headed off to the Maypole when it got a bit cold for sitting outside, where they drank sensible things and I had cocktails. Then coffee and an icecream in Clowns, and I persuaded August that when I say "No" I mean it, and came home rather than letting them drag me to the cinema. Glenys is lovely, and so are lots of other people, and it was a great way to spend the day, so thankyou whoever thought of such a good meme.

Someone suggested it should become a regular summer event, to which I say cool. And particularly cool those who came from outside Cambridge. Go you.