June 10th, 2005

dark side of the moon


Glasto Tickets arrived. Reel Big Fish tickets for next friday arrived. And Mike spotted a flyer at Download, so who's up for Me First and The Gimme Gimmes (punk covers band, great fun) Friday September 16th at the London Astoria.
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Lazier than a very lazy thing pretending to be a sloth

So I had to be in today for the redelivery of my tickets, and I figured that rather than work from home I'd take the day off. Excellent plan. So I got up late, pottered about in dressing gown, had breakfast and a nap and a late lunch, geeked a bit, went "yay!" when things arrived, had lunch around 5, finally got dressed around 6:30. And spent the evening with a picnic on my bed and a dragon to build from press out shapes in 4 sheets of balsa wood. He was a birthday present from Mike and I've only just got round to having a go. He's lovely, but one of the pieces split into several layers and needs gluing back together. Fortunately it's not a terribly structural one anyway. I'm sure some of the instructions were wrong, but hell, he came out OK eventually without too much swearing. And finished just in time to be briefly sociable with Matthew and Sally who were round for dinner with rjk. Now I have icecream, and music and soon it will be time for bed and I feel so relaxed it's great.