June 8th, 2005



Oh if I snap at you tell me to shut up, I'm just in a cranky mood today. Just want to go to bed and sleep for a week.

I wish I could work out how I completely jinxed both alarms this morning though.
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Alarm Clocks

It really was a bit odd. I have an alarm clock in my room which has a nice big analogue screen, a single off button on top, and no snooze. This is normally set for 8. I also have my phone, which is usually set to go off 8am mon-fri, and does have a snooze even if I do think 5 mins is a bit short. It seemed silly them both going off at almost the same time so I set the clock to go off at 8:30 instead. Reckoning I'd wake to the phone, stay on snooze for half an hour and then go "damn, really need to get up" at 8:30. All well and good. I left the phone on and plugged in to recharge.

I woke up at some time early in the morning as I sometimes do, gave the clock a funny look since something didn't seem right and peered at my phone. Which for some reason was off. Didn't remember turning it off. Turned it on and looked at time. 6:30ish. Rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke again later. Sound of schoolkids outside. Look at clock. 7am. That can't be right. Look at phone. It's off again. Turn on. It's 8:35. No alarm went off. Except normally the alarm goes even if the phone is off. Sit around for a bit looking puzzled. Look at phone again. It's off again. Unplug and turn on. Definitely time to get up.

Phone has not turned itself off again since. Alarm is definitely set on. And I don't know how I managed to change the time on the clock by an hour and a half without noticing. God knows what happened. But both at the same time is just weird.