June 7th, 2005


Picnic memery

Am sad I didn't see more of my friends picking up this meme. Post it even if you can't come! (Or don't of course, such is the way with memes. Hell, change it and have a local one if you don't fancy coming to Cambridge, but it would be cool to see lots of random people).

This is a picnic meme.

There will be an LJ picnic on Jesus Green, Cambridge, UK on Saturday the 11th of June, from around 2pm. We'll meet toward the town end of Jesus Green. Nobody is organising this, it'll just happen. Please turn up, be sensible, bring food and drink, meet new people, have fun.

Copy this invitation into your LJ. Let's make this a picnic to remember.

Lizzie pointed out to me that it is Worldwide Knit In Public Day on Saturday, so I shall bring my knitting along I guess.

Oops, $150? Didn't need it anyway right?

Cocktails and turkish cuisine good
Permanent account good
Lots of extra icons good - http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=lnr
CSI both good
Picking up prescription so I have more ADs good
Sunshine good. Mike's company good.

Being knackered all day, not getting much done at work, and not being able to quite make the screen go into focus now - bad, bad, bad.


Oh yeah, this one's the new pic I had taken at work, official me. I like it.