May 30th, 2005


More news

Mike rang me again to check I wasn't too worried about him, since it seems his mum was very stressed. Which is not entirely surprising really. Especially after he gave me more details this evening. All sounded very scary. But he's OK if very sore, and Ned's OK, and that's what matters. And they're taking it easy and letting him rest, including having the best bunk.

Hmm, bit of a boring post there. Me? Nah, I've not been doing anything interesting. Vegging and knitting is all, but it's a pleasant way to spend a long weekend.

Very bank holiday

Today I had a long lie-in, did some tidying, some washing up, and some washing, sorted and filed a bunch of memorabilia (birthday cards, postcards, gig tickets and festival programmes and the like), and pottered about in the mean time. A rather cosmopolitan dinner: chilli made with baked beans since I couldn't find kidney beans in the cupboard and hey it's just extra tomatoeyness, served with a tiny amount of rice cos it was the tail end of the bag, plus garlic bread, and a chinese mini snack selection, with wine both French and Aussie. Knitting progresses. Top I was making is finished. And as predicted far too small for me, especially as my inferior crochet technique has made the armholes a little snug. Anyone with a 36" chest want a pretty blue summery top? Anyway have started another with more stitches and more practice it should hopefully come out more my size. No more news of people crashing today, so that's good.