May 15th, 2005


I hurt

My feet hurt, from my boots and lots of dancing. My legs hurt from dancing and walking and cycling in said boots. My shoulders and neck hurt from moshing and doing poi. I have bruises from nearly all of the above. And a number of suspicious looking bite marks. And an impressively bruised nose where MBM accidentally dropped his devilstick (f'nar). I guess that means I've had a fun weekend.

I had a really good time at BMovie, danced lots, caught up with a few people a tiny bit, as much as you can in a club, drank nice beer and whirled around in circles. Then MBM kindly accepted being volunteered to give us crash space. And did so in style, even going out and buying croissants in the morning before we got up and warming them and making us coffee. Then we spent a relaxed "morning" faffing with poi and juggling balls and said devilsticks in his living room before Mike and I headed off home. "Lunch" in a little chinese place opposite KX was cheapish and cheerful. And we had a nice train ride back in the sunshine. And not long after we got back it was time to head to the Carlton for the mead and fruit wine tasting. Which was crowded and extremely informal. The nice chap from the winery ( was happy to natter on about making it in a lovely friendly manner, and was also slightly fazed at the way it went, since apparently usually it's very serious and he gets to give a little formal talk about it while people are tasting, but it looked like they had fun, and certainly made plenty of sales. Mike got the last bottle of Spiced Mead, and I got the last one of Silver Birch wine. Between us we bought one each of all five things there for tasting.

Meant to get lots of sleep last night but ended up staying up quite late talking instead. But that was good. More than good. Now I'm home and showered (mmm, shiny new shower hose means it doesn't lose pressure any more, great!) and about to have "breakfast". I do like going out on Friday nights, you get to have a recovery day on Saturday and still have another day of weekend left.

Public Service Announcement

I've been realising for a while that although I care a lot about Richard I'm not in love with him any more, and have concluded that we can't continue to go out any more. As a result I'm now moving into the spare room on a permanent basis and we'll be trying to disentagle our lives, though I hope and intend to continue to live here as a tenant.