May 11th, 2005


If only work were always so pleasant.

Today I had to go out to the West Cambridge site to help a user converting to hermes. It's intermittently sunny out there, 20 minute cycle out, 45 mins lunch with Jan, 20 mins helping friendly users who ask sensible questions, then a 15 min cycle back in tshirt in sunshine. Does great things for lifting your mood. And Jan gave me back a couple of CDs she'd borrowed which means I have music to listen to this afternoon.

Interesting thoughts today from Mobbsy (Is it the future?) and Simon (Thinking about Thinking). Talking to Mike on irc from California was definitely something that made me feel like in some ways the future is here. In other ways it isn't. No flying cars (well, unless you count that BMW through someone's upstairs wall the other day). Anyone wanting a knitted silver jumpsuit should supply me with wool and a pattern and I'll have a go at it, so long as you don't mind the odd hole.

I'm glad we don't have instant transporters anyway, or I wouldn't have got my nice couple of hours out of the office.