April 26th, 2005


All was quiet

Nothing much going on here in the middle of the night. It's more than four hours since my last dose of drugs, but if I take more now that's it til 4 tomorrow afternoon. 2 every 4 hours does not mix well with no more than 8 in 24 hours. So instead am sipping hot squash and trying not to squash too many kittens. Perhaps I should try it with the sound on at some point. 104 saved max at the moment, but mostly I only get around 45-60.

Any hints on sore throats caused by too much coughing? Must buy aspirin/ibuprofen for alternating with the paracetamol based remedies.

ETA: Thanks for the suggestions. Tropical fruit squash made with hot water was what actually helped me go back to bed last night, and I dug out the last couple of dequacaine tablets from the cupboard and one of those helped me sleep this morning. I seem to have completely lost my voice, which is comedy, as I can only check this by talking to myself at the moment.


Finally got round to writing on paper a note I've been writing and re-writing in my head for a couple of weeks now. And it's in an envelope along with a rather belated christmas present, and it's addressed and just needs to go in the UMS and I just want to get it sent and I can't because I'm not at work. I don't even know if I'm risking doing more harm than good but I have to do *something*.

This post brought to you by the the letters "cryptic".