April 24th, 2005


Weekly weigh in

This week I lost 2½lb. Which means I'm finally back at the point where I started in December 2001. A strange feeling of achievement anyway. Even if it is at least partly from being ill. Current calorie quota is intended to let me lose 1lb a week, and I was 2000 cals over that, so should have only lost around 1/3 of a lb if my body was using the expected number of cals. But still, if I can keep my eating to that sort of level for the next few weeks I'll be happy, even if the weight loss slows back down.

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bridge of sighs


Today I have mostly been coughing. Yesterday I was mostly being coughing. Friday... You get the picture.

I did go out on Friday night though, regardless of the cold, and met Mike for drinks at Pure on Regent Street (much nicer than we were expecting) since Light didn't seem to be open yet. Then headed over to try the thai at the newest incarnation of Hobbs Pavilion. And very nice it was too. Something wonderful about whole fish, and sea bass went beautifully with Lime and Coriander. After that (and a nasty coughing fit as I went out in the cold air) we headed back to his so I could watch him pack. He only couldn't find a pair of shoes he wanted to take, which is better than Jamie, who for about an hour on the night before flying was convinced he'd lost his passport. Turned out his mum remembered when he'd last used it and that reminded him to look in the car. Silly boy.

The rest of the weekend has been quiet, with the coughing interspersed with sleep and geeking and watching telly. Stabbings yesterday, and things blowing up today. Nice dinner with Richard too today, and of course I'm pleased with the weight loss this morning. Not much else to say, and not many plans for the rest of the week, beyond asking the docs if there's anything I can do to clear this cough up.