April 17th, 2005


Weekly weigh in

This week I lost 1lb. This is entirely due to a) jumping around lots on Monday and Tuesday and b) being ill the rest of the week, and nothing at all to do with eating sensibly because I haven't. Will have to see if I can manage to get back into the swing of it again now. And at least I've made a start so far today.

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Today I have mostly been knitting, geeking and cleaning. Yesterday I was mostly watching telly (Black Hawk Down on vid, then Charmed, Dr Who, CSI and Law and Order in the evening). Lots of coughing has been involved too, but I woke up yesterday and realised that while all my actual symptoms are much the same I actually feel rather better. Dinner time now, then Mike's joining us for Trainspotting on video at c. 8:30. Do ring if you want to join us for that.