April 15th, 2005

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Funny old week

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from my dad, asking if he could crash at ours overnight: turns out hehad some work in Epping the next day and wanted to get an early start there so he could get home at a reasonable hour since they had friends coming round. He arrived 9:30pm to find he had to call me to get me to wake up and answer the door, having fallen asleep when I got home from work. Had a pleasant couple of hours chatting over a bottle of wine anyway and I think he was glad of someone to talk shop to, and then we talked more on politics and flying when rjk got home, which was interesting.

Next morning he left, then rjk got up, I emailed in sick and went back to bed, and didn't wake again til 5pm, spent the evening geeking and watching CSI then went back to bed again and slept through til 11:30 today. So oddly enough I've not been in work again. Mike kindly came round and made me lunch (he's off today too, having been told by his boss not to bother coming in if he still coughing cos he's not been productive this week anyway), and then kept me company watching a film. He's gone to sleep in the spare room now, and I'm topping my hair dye up and waiting for rjk to get home. I presume he's at work drinks and nibbles or he'd be back by long gone now.

Hope I feel better tomorrow anyway, and hope Linz and Dave have a lovely day, and those who know them and will be there wish them my love and have a great time too.