March 24th, 2005



I am a muppet

I have just spent all day waiting in for an order from Argos, and if I'd read what I thought was the confirmation mail rather than looking at it, seeing the table of items order and just saving it, I would have seen it said "Sorry, your card has not been authorised for the following item(s). This amount has not been charged to your card. You might want to try another card."

What a complete and utter waste of time

Oh well

Feeling much perkier after a nice evening in the pub. Chilli and chips, gin and tonic, diet coke, good company, and a pathetic showing on the quiz machine. Good stuff.

Plans for the weekend include party on Sunday, and Saturday night at Mike's, but not much else as yet. I'm sure we'll think of something. Jethro's curry night on Monday sounds good.

Anyone up for some bridge?