March 10th, 2005

globe (grey)

16:9 eyes.

3 episodes of B5 and 2 of CSI on Tuesday. 5 more episodes of CSI B5 last night. My brain is going funny as a result I'm sure, but now I'm all caught up at least, and I really enjoyed them. Watching on my own meant I could skip from one episode to the next really quickly and watching them in quick succession is great for getting really involved in the plot.

My latest plot is to get more sleep. New rule: in bed, lights out, trying to sleep by midnight on weeknights. Not still shagging, and not still thinking "I'll just finish this one game...". Both blokes are aware and supportive of this, which is good. Being short of sleep some nights was OK when I could fit in an occasional afternoon nap to catch up, but I've been getting groggier and groggier all week, to the extent of being almost completely useless yesterday.

Pub tonight, though probably not beer given I had a cornish pasty as part of my lunch. (Yum. I am now *very* full though).