February 27th, 2005


Things I've done

I don't think I can think of 10, but I was talking about this in the pub the other day.

  1. Stood on top of the highest mountain in North Africa (Mount Toubkal, in the background in this pic, 14660 feet).
  2. Been at Glastonbury festival in three different decades (83, 84, 85, 95, 03, 04).
  3. Been at a CND march in a pushchair, aged around 3.
  4. Shaken Michael Heseltine's hand and said "pleased to meet you" and later been horrified to realise what I'd done.
  5. Had grey hairs at the age of 13.
  6. Done the London to Cambridge bike ride on my own.
  7. Failed Oxford finals exams, but got my degree the following year.

Maybe I'll add more another time if I think of any. Or perhaps you could suggest some!