February 10th, 2005


Too much food

Pancakes were a success. In the end we used 10 eggs, 40 oz of flour and 5 pints of milk to make the batter, and only a tiny amount was left which Richard used up for lunch the next day. Fillings were many and varied. And the company was great. We also made a pretty good dent in the box of chocs. Hopefully some photos will follow at some point in the not too distant future. Personally I think I had the following in this approximate order:

  • Lemon juice and splenda
  • Garlic and herb cream cheese
  • Egg mayonnaise and mustard chicken
  • Salsa and guacamole
  • Banana and butterscotch sauce
  • Salsa and guacamole again (it was good)
  • Lime juice and ginger syrup
  • Chocolate sauce, extra thick double cream and marshmallows

Richard and I got to bed about 1am in the end, after much faffing once people left. And then I unfortunately woke at 5:30 for an hour or so with nasty indigestion. So when the alarm went off at 8 I was somewhat shattered, but managed to throw together some leftover pancake fillings and bread to take to work for lunch and staggered into the office. Had a rather weird text message on my phone though: icon looked like a torn envelope (normally it looks like a closed envelope for unread SMSes). Tried to open it and the phone just sat there saying "please wait" indefinitely. I shoved it in my pocket and forgot about it. Until the phone rang at 12:50 while I was eating my lunch and it was Andrew (who the message was apparently from) wondering where I was. I'd entirely forgotten I was having lunch with him. And you can imagine how unhappy he was as a result. I really do still feel completely shit for having done that to him, even by mistake. And that shook me up enough that combined with the tiredness I completely forgot I'd arranged to go round to someone's office in the afternoon and sort out their mail client and only realised as I walked past their office door on the way to the loos before going home. Not a successful day really, so I came home and went to bed for a few hours.

The evening was much better: pie at Ned and Beth's. More nice company, fabulous food: really good steak and ale filling and a proper suet crust pastry on top, with vast quantities of veg and pavlova to follow. Though I had to pick the lumps of white choc out of it: an excellent addition really, just a shame about the decision to give up the chocs for lent after all! They kindly polished off the rest of the box of chocolates for me though, and I left them with the remains of Sunday's tarte au chocolat too. A lovely evening. Kissed Mike goodnight at midnight, having hugged Matt farewell for his return to Uganda earlier in the evening, and headed home.

Slept better last night but I'm still tired this morning, and I have the tiniest hint that maybe it'll be my turn with the cold next (and boy was Mike looking rough yesterday evening, though not as bad as Jenn!). So I've asked for the day off work as holiday: I'm clearly well enough to work really I just can't face it after yesterday. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

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