February 6th, 2005


Quiet time

Didn't make it out last night, instead we shared a bottle of wine and watched CSI:New York and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Lots of colons. And a fair bit of pred, but enjoyable nonetheless. Today I have mostly been doing washing, wandering into town to buy a loo seat and a showerhead, and reading romantic trash. One more story to go and I'll have finished all the stash from Sue. Oh and Diana Wynne Jones too: that was great fun. Nice food planned tonight but in an *exceedingly* cheating way, having got Tesco to bring us food today I ordered an entire 3 course meal from their finest range. Stuffed Mushrooms, Steak au Poivre with chunky chips and green veg, and tarte au chocolat with Haagen Daaz cookies and cream icecream. Puts me over the calories for today by quite a long way - it's the chocolate tart and iocecream that does it! - but since I'd been saving up (sort of) that's only 11 calories over the quota for the whole week. Nice one. Wasn't sure if I should weigh in today or tomorrow, I always used to do Sunday mornings, but Monday has been more convenient recently. Couldn't wait to see the graphs for another day though so figured today's would count. Would be nice to hit the 15 stone 5 mark since that'll be half a stone down since taking up WLR, but still, nearly there. Another 1.5lbs off means another 30 cals off the daily quota, no doubt I'll get used to it.
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