January 31st, 2005


You are my sunshine

Any food diary that starts with port for breakfast has got to be good.

After a pleasant gathering with silly music and flash animation, accompanied by nice people and evil cherryade I headed off fairly early for bed not long after midnight, and set the alarm for 6:45am. Got to Castle Mound and was greeted by David with the aforementioned port, which went down very nicely indeed. We sedately wound up the sun by processing thrice widdershins around the top of the hill, and then Clare performed an incantation in British Sign Language to cause the sun to rise again after it's death with the old year last night, ready to shine on us for a new year. And it was indeed glorious. I haven't been at many Afmælisdagrs but this was definitely the most impressive. And after duly celebrating with toasts of mead to mark the occasion and the birthday of Jómsborg the New we trooped into town for breakfast at Carringtons, which is a basement café opposite Borders, and proceeded to order a mountain of English Breakdfasts between us, and a small lake of orange juice.

Delightfully as I was explaining to Caroline why I was so bright and early into the office she remarked that she remembered friends doing the same when she was an undergrad!

Moderately productive morning considering I was a bit tired, nice lunch with djsd, good brief chat with Occupational Health (who recommend doing 6 hours for the next fortnight and 7 hours for the one following, before returning to full time in March - god knows what the dept will think of this, or indeed if payroll will cope!), and then home, for a nap. I must learn not to hit "off" by reflex when I use my phone as an alarm, and then I could snooze for 5 mins until it went off again, rather than falling asleep again and not waking until I am too late for pizza. Still, I have things in the house to eat, and I wasn't planning on staying out at post-pizza all night anyway.