January 30th, 2005



Chu Nah Mi at the Locomotive in Cambridge on Friday night, Apocalyptica (supported by Breed77) at the Mean Fidler in London on Saturday. Somewhat different in character really :-)

We were joined at the Chu Nah Mi gig (which was in aid of the Tsunami distaster relief fund: a charity gig which came into being simply because people couldn't resist the sillyness of the name combination!) by Christophe (a german friend of Mike's) and a friend of his from Holland whose name I could more or less mumble but not even attempt to spell. They seemed nice anyway, even if they were tired and had to dash off before the end. Anyway we jumped up and down lots and had a generally good time and really enjoyed the music. They did a nice little set with the two singers and the drummer basically performing as a support band before the main gig, which was odd, but effective.

Saturday daytime we spent wandering around Camden with Ian, Clare, Owen and Mike, which was good fun. Lovely lunch of french sausage cooked with lots of herbs and juniper berries and things in the gravy with potato slices cooked in cheese sauce with bacon bits. And I bought a couple of things: a rather nice necklace of heavy duty plastic tubing and bits of steel pipe, which I think is fabulous, and a black velvet jacket that fits, for the usual second-hand velvet jacket price of a tenner. Owen tried several on too, and they really suited him, but couldn't find one which was broad enough across the shoulders. Mike and I spent ages in Cyberdog and he tried on a couple of things, and I tried on a rather nice velvet hoody with a pretty goth-girl cartoon on the back. We've both decided not to buy right now though and come back in 6 months when my diet and his gym sessions should make things look rather better on us.

And then on to Apocalyptica. Was most amused by the fact Steve in the queue last night was gradually joined by me, Mike, Vicky and pjc50, then Mobbsy, Ozzy and unidentified female friend, then Matthew and Sally, then Nile, a friend of pjc50's whose name I didn't catch, Davefish and Nicolai. And I bumped into Craig inside too - it really did seem like the whole of Cambridge went. Many of them have written about it already in more detail, so I won't say much more except to note that really one does feel a little silly moshing while sitting on the floor, but it was worth it. I did think it was ridiculous that people who were in the queue when the doors were due to open at 6 didn't get in until after the first support act had already started. I think they need to work on that a bit. The music was great anyway and despite having sore feet and feeling grotty I had a really good time, and then a nice relaxed trip back with everyone on the train.

Long lie-in this morning funnily enough, despite being woken at an anti-social hour by a remarkably early David Damerell, but we soon went back to sleep. Going to head along to The Wake for a bit tonight and then along at Dawn to watch Clare bring into being the New Sun, which should be good. I think on balance I won't try and do it properly and stay up the whole night though since I have to go to work tomorrow. Shame, I should have thought about it sooner and booked the day off really. It's been a good weekend.