January 23rd, 2005



I don't seem to have unearthed anything too surprising in the archaeology of my desk. In fact I don't think there was anything in the pile I wasn't expecting at all. I did however take the kitchen bin out to be emptied and discovered a couple of parcels left by the postman with no note. One from Ebay (cotton baggy black trousers with lots of pockets - too delicate for combats really), the other from http://www.sweetcollect.co.uk/ with rather more sweets than would normally be considered compatible with a diet. Still, I've added them to the stash by the computer, and if I do eat them at least I'll count the calories, and they're mostly small packages. She says, sitting sucking on a toffee flavoured lolly. 72 cals and lasting ages it's not too bad value for "money" actually.

Not much exciting has been going on really. Found myself amused at having been ribbing Mike a little for getting so behind on posting when I'm hardly saying anything either. It's been a pretty quiet week though: spent Wednesday night in watching American Pie with Mike since he and his friends keep quoting bits of it and being amazed I hadn't seen it. It was less completely cringeworthily teenage and gross than I thought it would be to be honest. OK, I admit it, I enjoyed it. There goes all my film cred. But I did have good company and that always helps. Thursday I overslept from an afternoon nap and decided against the pub, Friday I was in alone since Mike's in Sheffield and rjk had a date, then Saturday I felt more like staying in and reading than partying, so all in all I've spent a lot of the last few days vegging on my own and it's been rather pleasant. And as I say today I've been tidying. And reading more.

Of course now I can see my desk I can see how grubby it is, but maybe I'll clean it another time.

Oh yeah, and I cooked dinner for four of us: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~eleanorb/temp/chilli.pdf