January 16th, 2005


Brief version

Friday night: head down to London, Tube to Olympia, meet Mike's ex-boss, ex-colleagues, boss's son, Jamie, boss's Italian acquaintance and assorted other halves for Thai dinner. Head to bar down street afterwards for cocktails with some of the above plus daughter and her friend. Walk to hotel and check in for night c 12:30am.

Saturday: Up and at Olympia for c 9:45. Spent day on stall at BETT (educational technology show) handing out leaflets and talking to potential customers. Afterwards head to Holburn with Mike and Jamie to meet Ned. Dinner at Belgo's Bierodrome. Wandered round Soho lots and didn't drink much. Back midnightish to odd little hotel room with four single beds near Earl's Court.

Sunday: breakfast at hotel, leave Ned on tube and head out to zone 6 and Essex to meet another of Mike's old friends Adam, his wife Amanda, 20 month son Thomas and 3 day overdue not-yet-born son Jacob. Sunday lunch, playing with child, long walk in nearby park and nature reserve, including playing in playground. A few drinks in the pub with Adam before getting the long tube and train journey home.

A lovely weekend, if absolutely knackering. Might write more about it tomorrow once I've had some sleep. And counted the calories.