January 11th, 2005


Food Diary

Breakfast: cheese and celery sandwich
Lunch: Tatties, Jacket potato with cheese, beans, bacon, no butter
Dinner: home made beef casserole, mini corn on cob
Snacks: packet golden lights salt and vinegar crisps, 2 belgian chocs

Total cals: 2012
Total fat: 81.6g

Running total: 8220 used, 5836 consumed.

Decided to re-subscribe to http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk which I used to use a couple of years back, since it has a huge database of UK convenience foods and uses british units dammit!

A new week

With not the greatest start: late into work on Monday, and burst into tears as a result. Which at least gave me the impetus to get roudn to ringing the doctors and getting a repeat prescription of the happy pills, since I ran out just after New Year. Very stupid of me to let it happen - I did it this time last year too, with similar results. Pizza and post-pizza were nice anyway: spent the first half of the latter learning a bit about a piece of software Mike used to work on called Autograph, which is a graphing tool aimed at maths teachers (it was his maths teacher who originally wrote it!) and the second half playing bridge. By and large Mike and I have concluded that we're both really quite crap. Next time we'll swap partners around so at least the too most useless players aren't trying to be a team.

Didn't get enough sleep so I've been tired today. Which might explain why when I checked this afternoon I didn't spot that the arts picturehouse was still showing last week's film times, so I thought The Merchant of Venice was on tonight when it wasn't. It was particularly annoying to discover this by cycling there at high speed into the wind in order to not be too late for it. Still, the rest of the day hasn't been so bad. Got a couple of useful things done at work, had a lovely lunch with Jan in Tatties (if too short) and spent the rest of the evening with rjk watching CSI on the telly, and a rather nice (if I do say so myself) beef stew.

I guess I should go to bed now if I don't want to be too tired tomorrow too really. I could really do with another weekend right now, but I'll have to wait, and I suspect it's going to be a moderately tiring one when it arrives, but at least it should be fun, and that makes it worth it.
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