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A slight case of overblogging
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

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Work finished for the year, and on a high note with two really productive days, writing documentation and spotting bugs/typos.

Another lovely meal out last night to celebrate Pete's birthday, even if the long table meant not getting to talk much to half the people there. Our end of the table for some reason seemed to have all the calamari eaters. We *tried* sending the third plate back up the other end but it just came back again. The party menu was definitely the way to go though.

Nice lunch with Richard today at home, and now I plan to have a dopey afternoon while the washing machine chugs away in the background. We might even get all the clothes clean and dry before we go away if we're lucky. And Mike's coming round this evening so we can have "proper" date before I go away for Christmas. Shall veg in front of the telly with Romeo and Juliet on DVD or something. Need to pack at some point, that way in the morning I can just come home and be ready to head straight out to the station for our 12:32 train.

Happy Christmas to everyone anyway, and a Happy New Year to those of you I don't see before then. Have a great time all of you.


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