December 19th, 2004



Woke up coughing. I suppose it's not too bad a version of the morning after the night before though. The main disadvantage being the lack of people around to talk to on irc this time on a Sunday morning.

Great popart on Friday. Andrew, me, Mike, Jan, Owen and an unexpected Matt Reid made for good company. I was very flattered to have someone offer to buy me a drink, but I think I was in such a perky mood I was grinning at everyone, which might have given the wrong impression. Steve Lamacq's set was excellent: great tracks, and well it really shows that he's a "real" DJ. The others are mostly OK, but they just don't have his polish in the track changes. After his set ADW caught up with him on the dancefloor, and was actually recognised from the student radio awards, which is pretty damned nifty. And to top off a brilliant night they played Fairytale of New York as closing track. And we all joined hands a-la-Auld Lang Syne and danced round and round in a circle. Class.

Yesterday was Richard's birthday and we had a nice quiet day around the house, got lots of tidying done (well done Richard) and watched some of our backlog of crime telly, then had a nice dinner together (roast lamb) before the hordes descended for his birthday party. Which was very nice indeed too. Even if I missed a chunk of it in the middle. Well, it seemed only fair. A large part of the party left at around 1:30 and the last stragglers played random things on the jukebox and finally got off to bed an hour later. Tired but happy.

Now I wonder if I can get back to sleep.


To a first approximation that's what today consisted of mostly. And very nice it was too. So huge thanks to Beth for being utterly lovely and brilliant. And to Ned, Becky, Steve and Mike for being good company. I've had a really rather lovely weekend, and am looking forward to a busy lovely week too, before heading up to see family on Friday.
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