December 15th, 2004


Wouldn't normally update from work

But I'm waiting for something to finish, and in the 10 mins before work ends there's not really anything else I can start. Especially frustrating when I have a djsd waiting upstairs in the common room til I'm free - though that's partly hsi fault for arriving half an hour early.

Feeling much more positive about work in general actually, talked to Caroline about it on Monday, and occupational health yesterday, and this week has been more productive too. Hopefully increasing hours to 5 a day from beginning on Jan - we'll see what Sally/James say tomorrow. Today has been pretty busy up until now though, with an infrastructure group meeting this morning (first I've been to since being back - taking over minuting the mail and news section again) and the rest of the morning spent chasing the latest virus. Definitely prefer work when it's busy.

In non-work news, is there any? Not really. Monday was the usual pizza/post-pizza and yesterday was a quite night in with rjk and CSI made more special by him spontaneous deciding to cook dinner for me. NMA tonight though. *bounce* Work Christmas do tomorrow evening, PopArt on Friday and rjk's birthday on Saturday. Busy week.