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A slight case of overblogging
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Sunday, December 12th, 2004

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Friday night over at GR. Andrew joined Mike and me for dinner (rather nice risotto - and Mike let me play Nethack while he cooked - I feel spoiled) and then Peter came round after dinner and we spent several hours playing bridge, which was really nice. I definitely need to play more often. Terribly disappointed when my first contract went down in flames, as despite bidding completely by the book the opposition we lucky and could just reel three tricks off the top. And we had an insane no-trumps hand where dummy had *no* spades and my best was the queen and even she couldn't hold out long enough to win. A very pleasant way to spend the evening. Ian took over from Peter after the first (rather interminable) rubber, and him and Andrew played well together and beat me and Mike hands down in the second rubber.

Got to bed really quite late, and had a lovely long lie in as a result. Then headed into town to find lunch and some Christmas shopping (Mike bought things, I failed to have any inspiration, but have more free shopping time left before Christmas so that's OK). Then joined Becky and Simon for Phantom at the Vue. I rather enjoyed it to be honest, though it dragged a bit in places. I think I'd rather have more of the story and slightly less of the singing really, which rather defeats the point. The costumes were spectacular though, and the whole thing did have a certain splendour about it. And Christine and the Phantom really could sing.

Home briefly for dinner before heading out to Vicky's birthday party. Wasn't drinking and didn't stay late but did have a pleasant time. Nice to see Faye and Art in Cambridge again - we must get over and visit some time in New Year, haven't been to Oxford in ages. Some fun outfits, which I look forward to seeing evidence of later. And now it must be nearly bedtime - rjk has to get up early tomorrow for his grading, and I gather he was up quite late last night too.

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