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A slight case of overblogging
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Friday, December 10th, 2004

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Somehow the week seems to have vanished
Monday night mike and I went round to Ned's and watched Kill Bill 1 with him and Beth, along with pizza and icecream. Last night we had the rematch and watched volume 2 at my place, with chilli and taco shells first. We'd all seen them before apart from Mike, but it was great to see them again, and in closer proximity to each other than the cinema releases allowed. Very very good films. Goofed with scheduling though and Mike was expecting me to be coming home with him, when I was expecting to stay home, which rather confused us both briefly til we realised we'd been making cross purpose assumptions at each other. Must make effort to be more explicit in future (fnar).

Halfway through Wednesday morning at work I realised I really did need a break, and no it couldn't wait til Christmas, so I decided to take the rest of the week off. So today I had a long lie in, and was only 15 mins late to lunch in town with Andrew, which was nice as always. Don Pasquale make nice pizza, and also do nice coffee, which we sat and talked over for ages. Spent the afternoon geeking and reading, and then decided that really I'd rather stay home with my book and a long hot bath instead of going to the pub. Might try and get back into town tomorrow and do some Christmas shopping (ordered a couple of bits online today, but that's just the minor things for friends, and a box of chocs for my mum and dad, none of the "real" presents - still have little idea what to give anyone and http://www.iwoot.com and http://www.amazon.co.uk both were lacking in inspiration). Must take bike lights though, it's getting dark early these days, which is one of the things that stopped me staying longer in town today. And window shopping for purple suede stiletto boots and the gorgeous red corset-style back chinese-embroidered dress in Karen Millen is all very well, but they wouldn't do for me, never mind anyone else, and I can't afford them anyway.

bopeepsheep had a nice meme today which I thought of following, but it takes a long time for 25 tracks to play on random play, and once you rule out instrumentals, and strange mixes of one song to the tune of another, then it takes even longer, and I got distracted. Today the jukebox has mostly been being obsessed with Squarepusher and the tracks I downloaded from http://www.dinbot.com.

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