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A slight case of overblogging
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Saturday, December 4th, 2004

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Last couple of days
What have I been doing? Wednesday I slept all afternoon, and then half the evening, and then slept the night through when I finally got to bed. I really thought I was going to be up half the night but I woke in the morning refreshed and actually made it through all of Thursday awake. After an afternoon at home watching CSI (from Tuesday) with rjk I made it out to the pub to meet Jan in particular, though both of us were useless and entirely forgot to bring the things we were going to exchange. Had a pleasant couple of drinks, and great fun feeding the jukebox for a change instead of the quiz machine. Back to Mike's I played a bit of Nethack before bed, which was going quite well but I just couldn't resist picking a fight with a priestess. When will I learn? Slightly late in to work this morning, but glad I was going from Mike's since it means the route across Jesus Green, and it was just the most gorgeous thing possible out there this morning. Mist, sun, frost, all combined perfectly. It just made me grin at how wonderful the world is sometimes and what a beautiful place it can be. Slept again this afternoon though, I really seemed to need it. Once Tesco had been though I got down to work to bake the Christmas Cake for New Year. And it looks like a good one. It did mean I couldn't make it out to be a fourth for bridge though, since I was tied to the kitchen til it was done. So instead Richard and I spent the rest of the evening watching The Right Stuff: which left me with the same grin again. Just a complete sense of wonder. Pretty good day all in all. Looking forward to the cinema tomorrow evening and Ezio at the Junction on Sunday. Should be a nice quiet weekend. Just what I need.

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