November 27th, 2004



My god that was fun. I've not danced so much in years. Chips and beer in the Carlton to celebrate Debbie the american barmaid's birthday was followed by curry at the Saffron with Ned and Beth and Mike and Jamie since Jamie had been dragged back up to Cambridge for the weekend. Then Mike and I hit the Junction for PopArt. Ned, Beth and Jamie joined us again later with a couple of Ned's colleagues who are vaguely familiar now though I forget their names. And we met up with Jan and August and Owen. I stopped drinking (booze) soon after we arrived, which must have been c11, and we danced and jumped up and down more or less non-stop until they threw us out at 2:30am. Didn't know all the music, and was amused that all the ones I didn't know seemed to be ones that Mike did, and vice versa. But it didn't matter, because by and large even the stuff I didn't know was fun, and almost every track of the ones I did was a winner. I yelled myself hoarse singing along to Common People and Connection, and danced myself lame: I ache in more muscles than I knew existed, and I have a sore arse from falling flat on it at one point too.

So who's up for the 17th then? Steve Lamacq is guest DJing!

Mike and I slept in until it was beginning to get dark again, which was kind of disconcerting. Definitely got up far too late to make it to Ned's for a late lunch, never mind Oxford for the pub. Home this afternoon for a rather manic early evening of baking, showering, dyeing hair and icing cake, most of which overlapped somewhat. Snippet of irc:
*** LNRwet is now known as LNRdye
> anyone would think it was strange to be icing a cake while wearing nothing but a towel and hairdye
<mbm|away> LNRdye: but when they find out it's you - it sounds perfectly normal.

rjk's just put dinner on and then once we've eaten we'll be back out again to party.